Saturday, March 24, 2007

Making money 2.0 style

Ever since YouTube was sold for $1.65 kajillion everyone has jumped on the bandwagon believing they can be the next internet success story. The trouble is, there are hundreds of web 2.0 startups trying to reinvent the same thing. Not to discourage, but it will take an original idea, not just a regurgitated concept.

Maybe that's why Yahoo bought MyBlogLog so fast. It was original, and the idea had proved to be viral. In just a few short months their userbase had grown significantly.

If you look at who is actually buying these sites, it's web giants like Google and Yahoo that add them to their bag of tricks to someday include in their world domination plan.

The success of a web startup depends on a few rules, some good startup advice, and possibly a web startup toolkit. Equally important is knowing what not to do, and being aware of web startup mistakes.

A great article in Business 2.0 about web company startups suggests that mistakes can be shortcuts to success.

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