Sunday, September 02, 2007

Link building - what you need to know

Link building seems like a simple task on the surface. And if you actually follow through and maintain link building efforts, part of the battle has already been won.

But since not all links are created equal, here are the need to know details and a few links to some good reading on the subject;

First, links come in 3 varieties.

There are URL links (non-active), like this :
There are URL links (active), like this :
And there are Text links, which use a phrase, like this: SEOsnafu Rocks

Of the three, 99% of your link building should be about the Text links.
The other two kinds will show up. And there will be the odd time where you can only use URL links (active and/or non-active).

The next thing to concern yourself with is that most of your links need to be pointed at inside pages. While using Text links of course.

Something like Search and saving the environment. Note that the text being used for the links is relevant and descriptive to the content being linked to.

Other Do's and Don'ts of link building?

- Build a variety of different kinds. Just using directories for link building is kinda 2002, or older!
- start with 3 or 4 word phrases. Trying to rank for a single word should be far down your action list. Build up to popular phrases.
- Consider working on a set of keyword phrases. Be consistant in link building and work towards ranking for them. Try 5 primary phrases, along with 5+ additional phrases to work on. In time, some of the secondary phrases could become your primary keyword phrases to work on.

- avoid run of site links. Link growth thats too fast is a red flag for cheating
- don't join link networks. Obvious, and you'll get caught.
- stay clear of link pages that mean endless scrolling.

And some reading to look into on the subject;
SEOmoz | Google Search Engine Ranking Factors


At 4:50 AM, Anonymous Webmarket Protocols said...

For me, link building should be done in gradual. Gradual link building is good since Search Engine is after with QUALITY links and never on the tons of trash links.


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