Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The New SEO

In the last post it was mentioned SEO has seen big changes recently.

For many, it's not even SEO any more, it's Inbound Marketing. There's been a perception of it as voodoo, that later turned to thoughts of spamming, thanks to some that probably don't truly understand link value.

SEO isn't dead, there will always be a need for skills in site optimization, keyword research, competitive research, conversion optimization, analytics, and similar. Most of all, people that understand how it comes together, and create real strategy.

For many, the shift is to a new strategy that revolves around content marketing strategies. Call it magnetic content or link bait, the goal is the same, because if there's one thing that hasn't changed its links. .

It's amazing how many "do SEO", when what they have is a grasp on the concept at best. And how it's proven itself repeatedly as the most valuable traffic, but companies look at paid search and social first.



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