Sunday, January 11, 2009

Plant a Tree for G

So I guess its a slow news day, when you see stupid things like this published....

"Making two internet searches through Google produces about the same amount of carbon dioxide as boiling a kettle, it has been estimated." ( Source )

A physicist from Harvard estimated that browsing a basic website generates about 0.02g of CO2 for every second it is viewed. And whatever you do, stay away from the websites with video! Sites with "complex video" are estimated to be responsible for up to 0.2 g per second.

Although it's pure speculation, but word on the street is that websites are provided by servers and are viewed by visitors' computers that are connected via networks, and all require electricity in order to run, which is largely generated by burning fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas! Brand new information!

Think they may have over stepped the whole carbon footprint?


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