Friday, March 04, 2011

Search - Adapt With The Times

SEO is an ever evolving field that you have to stay on top of, and the popularity of social media has changed some of the rules (again) on how well you do.

An interesting post at Mashable discusses how you should consider social in your SEO mix and what kind of differences it can make.


Farmers Take On SEO

After months of people talking about the declining quality of search results in Google, the latest update (referred to as the Farmer's update by Danny Sullivan) has targeted what are considered low quality search results typically found on content farms.

An update long overdue, and while some sites were slammed by the results, others did fairly well. Read more at Business Insider


Online Reputation and SEO

Online reputation management (ORM) is not new to SEO's but in the future it will be as common as the phrase social media or personal branding.

With the last few years the social media has grown in popularity, and it won't be long before online reputation management for your brand begins to become important.